Election View: Jon Mutchler offers Ferndale experience, listening skills

Jon Mutcher is a candidate for mayor of Ferndale.
Jon Mutcher is a candidate for mayor of Ferndale. Courtesy to The Bellingham Herald

Five fine citizens wish to be Ferndale’s next mayor. However, I believe I bring the experience, temperament and qualifications to earn your trust and vote.

I invite you to join our current mayor, Gary Jensen, and a wide-range of citizens (left, right and center) in voting for me Aug. 4. Please visit my candidate page, VoteforJon.com. Or find me on Facebook.

Ferndale’s next mayor must know our city well.

Unlike other leading candidates I’m no newcomer. A lifelong Washingtonian, I came to Whatcom County in 1980 to earn my bachelor’s and master’s degrees. I moved to Ferndale in 1987 to establish the Ferndale Alliance Church and as a pastor and music teacher I’ve helped countless Ferndale families and citizens during their joys, successes, struggles and challenges. I’ve invested 28 years of caring for and serving Ferndale.

Diane, my wife of 30 years, taught at Mountain View, North Bellingham, and Central elementary schools. We’ve raised our children here. From the ground up we’ve built two homes in Ferndale. I jog the streets and sidewalks nearly every day and know our city and citizens well. It’s likely we know each other.

Ferndale’s next mayor needs significant elective and political experience.

I am grateful you have supported me in my last three elections (twice for council and for Whatcom County Charter Review Commission). That’s more elective success than the cumulative total of the other four candidates.

Political experience matters. The Ferndale mayor works with politicians at city hall, in Bellingham and other neighboring cities, with the Lummi Nation, Whatcom County and Olympia. You’ve shown your confidence in me before. I am asking for it again. Someone needs to stand up and speak for you. I have the experience to do it.

Ferndale’s next mayor should be a well-respected leader and listener.

My conservative convictions have served a budget-conscious city like Ferndale well. But I’ve earned a reputation as one who listens, respects, leads and works well with those on all sides of the political spectrum, receiving past endorsements left, right, and center — not because we always agree (we don’t), but because I’m accessible and work towards solutions that benefit all.

In my last election I was endorsed by both the republican party and the progressive/liberal Cascadia Weekly. Mayor is a non-partisan position and I promise to listen to all voices and do what’s best for the whole city. And I will stand up to those who don’t have our city’s best interests at heart.

Ferndale’s next mayor must embrace the right priorities.

Your safety and a healthy environment come first. It’s not too flashy, but we need to fix streets, sidewalks and remedy long-term traffic issues. Yes, we need to pursue the Thornton-to-I-5 connection and I will be relentless in doing all I can to see that the inevitable and predictable growth at I-5 proceeds wisely so we avoid the traffic and impact mistakes other I-5 cities have made.

I will continue to develop a positive relationship with one of the biggest potential developers coming to Ferndale: our neighbor, the Lummi Nation. And though I would be sworn into office to uphold the interests of Ferndale, I would be a listening-leader to those who wish to do business here.

Ferndale’s next mayor must know our past while he dreams of the future.

We’ve been here three decades. Some say Ferndale’s about families, farms and football. We’re also about opportunities and a superior quality of life. I want government, as much as possible, to get out of our way and taxes to stay low so people and businesses can succeed. And when revenues from new growth begin to occur we should pursue a partnership with the school district, the YMCA and the private sector to develop a plan to bring an aquatic center to Ferndale.

You and I know Ferndale and we share our small-city values. I have a long track record of working for you and I am asking for your vote again on Aug. 4 in the primaries and in the November general election. Thank you, and please visit VoteforJon.com.


This is one of a series of commentaries from candidates in the Aug. 4 primary election. Jon Mutcher is one of five challengers in the non-partisan election for a 4-year term as Ferndale mayor. Incumbant Mayor Gary Jensen is not seeking re-election in Ferndale. The two candidates who get the most votes Aug. 4 will advance to the Nov. 3 general election.