The Bellingham Herald’s digital evolution continues with several moves

How to log in to your Bellingham Herald digital account

This is how to log in to your Bellingham Herald digital account.
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This is how to log in to your Bellingham Herald digital account.

The Bellingham Herald is taking a number of steps as we continue our digital evolution.

Subscribers already know we will no longer print the Saturday edition after June 29. We’ll go digital-only on Saturdays, continuing to publish a print-replica edition online.

Our next big step is moving to Barkley Village later this summer into offices that better fit a digital company.

We’ve printed the paper in several locations in the last 10 years. We moved our distribution center several months ago to an industrial area north of downtown.

We continue to upgrade our mobile apps and add more video to our news offerings.

You can now find daily audio news updates from the Bellingham Herald, on your phone, your Google Home or your Amazon Alexa device, among others.

We appreciate those who recognize the value of local news for themselves and the community as we evolved to meet readers’ changing habits.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns related to the new delivery method, please give us a call at 360-676-2660 or email us at customerservice@bellinghamherald.com. We will do everything possible to ensure your satisfaction.

Bellingham's Barkley neighborhood, which stretches from Interstate 5 to Mount Baker Highway and beyond, has a mix of retail, residential and office space, as well as one of the city's first planned urban villages.

Allow me to answer some of your questions:

Why does The Herald keep changing?

We’re making tough decisions to ensure our future.

Media, like other industries, has changed significantly in recent years.

Our advertising model has been upended by digital disruptors. We must pivot, and do so quickly, as we look to find sustainable ways forward for local news.

Fortunately, the digital age allows us to know a great deal about what readers are interested in and that’s helped us make better choices about what to cover.

It’s worth noting we still have the largest reporting staff in Whatcom County.

Our team has focused on the immediacy of breaking news coverage such as the movie theater bomb threat and a downtown landmark burning. We continue to offer in-depth sustained coverage of topics we know readers care about, such as the Mandy Stavik murder, housing affordability and retail changes. We continue to pursue investigative stories like those that led the fire department to stop training on patients who died.

Will other days be cut?

There are no plans to make additional changes to our print frequency at this time, but readership habits continue to change. More than half of our print readers have also activated their digital subscription. Newsletters, push alerts and digitally displayed stories are easily reached via your phone or computer, your print papers don’t have to be recycled and your news is always current.

How can I support local journalism?

The Bellingham Herald provides coverage and insights into Bellingham and Whatcom County you can’t find anywhere else. You can support the work we do with a digital subscription to The Bellingham Herald.

With your help we can return to overall subscriber growth. We’re one percentage point away from having more subscribers than we did a year ago. That’s a significant milestone.

If you have a story that needs to be told, please let us know. Online we provide a step-by-step guide on how to communicate with reporters and editors as safely and securely as possible.

We’ve also increased our commitment to election coverage and asked voters, “What’s the No. 1 issue in the 2019 Whatcom election? You tell us.” It’s not too late to use the form with the story and help us focus our reporting on topics you find helpful.

What happens to the Herald Building?

Built by Herald owners in 1926, it’s been owned by developer and historic building specialist Bob Hall since 2009. It will continue to provide retail and office use to many businesses.

And the sign atop the building?

That’s up to the owner. The sign first was installed when the building was constructed in 1926. The original sign was lit with incandescent bulbs but changed to neon four years later. In 2016 Hall updated the sign, switching the 10-foot-tall letters from steel to aluminum and the neon to LED lighting.

Where do I go to get help with Herald products and services?

Here’s where to call or email:

For newspaper delivery and billing, call 360-676-2660. You can mail subscriber payments to P.O. Box 510296, Livonia, Mich., 48151.

For classified ads or obituaries, call 360-676-2610.

Where will I get news on Saturday?

We will continue to post and update news on our website and there will be a full online eEdition that replicates the experience of a printed newspaper. You’ll also find our EXTRA EXTRA digital supplement with more national, international and entertainment news and Sports Xtra, with additional sports stories.

You’ll continue to get newsletters if you’ve signed up for them. Our daily notice that links to the eEdition will still go to your email inbox.

Subscribers to The Bellingham Herald have 14 days of eEditions available at all times. Included in each eEdition are about 50 additional pages of national news, sports, feature and business articles and photos. Subscribers need to activate their digital account to access the eEdition. Staff The Bellingham Herald

What if I don’t use the internet?

Important local stories that might have been printed in Saturday’s paper will be included in later print editions. Also, your subscription allows digital access for up to five family members at any one time who may want to share news with you.

What about puzzles and comics?

Because of comics and puzzles provider rules, we can’t print Saturday content Friday. However, Friday’s paper will include a new puzzle page you can save to use Saturday.

Saturday’s comics and puzzles will appear in Sunday’s paper, along with the regular Sunday features.

Are there other changes to the newspaper?

The Friday newspaper will include more national sports and new themed content called “Uplift,” your source of good news for the weekend.

The Sunday newspaper will include the Saturday puzzles and comics and expanded Food news and recipes that are moving from Tuesday.

How do I listen to your audio briefings?

Our morning audio briefings are available here:

Amazon’s Alexa Flash Briefing Skill: Go to your Alexa app and go to Skills & Games in the main menu. Use the search tool to find “The Bellingham Herald.” Tap the skill and enable. Then you can say to your Alexa device, “Alexa, open Bellingham Herald.” or “Alexa, what’s the latest from Bellingham Herald?”

On Spotify, click on the link or search for “The Bellingham Herald” in your app to listen/follow.

On Google Play, click on the link or search for “The Bellingham Herald” in your app to listen/follow.

And on iTunes. Search for us at podcasts.apple.com.

Listen to the latest briefing:

Listen to our daily briefing: