Tri-City Herald: Thumbs up to relaxing in Richland

Just chillin’

To everyone relaxing in Richland.

The R-words often used to describe Richland are “resilient” and “resourceful.”

We can now add to that list “relaxed,” a title bestowed on the city from the real estate blog Movoto.

It’s a quality of life we take for granted in the Mid-Columbia, but we really do have affordable housing, decent incomes and plenty of elbow room. Our “rush hour” is southbound George Washington Way between 4-5 p.m. It can sometimes add minutes to your trip — a cake walk compared to many cities.

All in all, we have it pretty good. And it’s paying off.

Several studies have shown a link between relaxation and increased productivity.

So take a deep breath. Enjoy it. But a word of warning, let’s be sure “relaxing” doesn’t turn to “resting.”

Setting things straight

To the state and city planners who decided a roundabout on Highway 395 in Kennewick is a bad idea.

We have a hard time envisioning that putting a roundabout where loaded semi-trucks are coming downhill on the freeway was ever a serious suggestion. It sounds more like a gag you would see in a comic strip than a legitimate traffic proposal.

But we really don’t see the wisdom of a roundabout on Highway 395.

If it weren’t such a dangerous idea, it would have been entertaining. We’re glad to see a different route is being pursued.

Top secret

To the lack of information from Mission Support Alliance.

Frank Armijo’s replacement has some pretty big shoes to fill. And we know surprisingly little about his successor, Bill Johnson.

We were disappointed that when MSA announced Armijo’s departure they gave us so little information about who would be taking his place.

We don’t doubt his qualifications. We just wanted to know more about him.

Maybe we’re different from other areas, but the Mid-Columbia is an engaged and on-board community. We care about what goes on around us and who is at the helm.

The taxpayers footing the bill deserve more information.

We look forward to a proper introduction to Johnson and to being able to welcome him to the community.

New phone scams

To those who would take advantage of people.

Start a conversation with your circle of friends about two phone scams that are making their way around the Mid-Columbia.

One involves a call from someone claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service or Secret Service about back taxes. The other is about missing jury duty.

If you already have fallen victim to this fraud, report it.

We need to protect each other.