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Will a stuntman really jump the Snake River this weekend?

Stuntman Eddie Braun in the cockpit of The Evel Spirit Sept. 1 at his team’s shop in Twin Falls.
Stuntman Eddie Braun in the cockpit of The Evel Spirit Sept. 1 at his team’s shop in Twin Falls. Twin Falls Times-News

Within days, Hollywood stuntman Eddie Braun will attempt to jump the Snake River Canyon. He held a press conference Wednesday to answer questions about the upcoming stunt.

What time will the rocket be launched?

The launch is set for Saturday but without a scheduled time. If conditions are right, the launch could happen as early as Friday or as late as Sunday. No live broadcast is planned, and there will be no advance announcement of the countdown. It will take four hours for enough steam to build up for rocket to launch.

What will I be able to see?

Not much, unless, by chance, you happen to catch sight of the rocket in flight. Both the launch and landing sites are on private property. The private event will be attended mostly by film crews and staff.

Idaho State Police will be patrolling Idaho Highway 50 near the Hansen bridge to keep traffic moving. ISP electronic reader boards will be in place reminding people not to trespass on private property. Parking will not be allowed on the highway, on the bridge or in the right-of-way. Sheriff’s Offices in Jerome and Twin Falls counties plan to step up patrols on the rural roads.

How fast will the rocket go?

The steam-powered rocket will reach a speed of 430 mph.

How high will the rocket go?

The rocket will run out of steam about 3.9 seconds into the jump, which should put it at 2,200 feet over the canyon. On Wednesday, the Federal Aviation Administration gave the jump official clearance.

How far will the rocket go?

The rocket will cross the canyon at an angle, and Braun will have to clear 1,600 feet to land safely — the same distance that Evel Knievel attempted to clear. How far the rocket actually travels will depend on the wind.

From whose property will the rocket be launched?

The Evel Spirit will launch from Kelly Klosterman’s property in Jerome County.

Where will the rocket land?

If all goes as planned, the rocket will fall to the ground on Chuck Coiner’s farmland in Twin Falls County.

What if something goes wrong?

Emergency crews will be on hand in the landing zone and in the canyon.

Who is Eddie Braun?

Braun, 54, is a stuntman who lives in Manhattan Beach, Calif. Braun has a wife and four children, ages 12 to 19, and has been a professional stuntman in television and films for more than 30 years.

Will Braun retire after this stunt?

Braun says the jump will signify the beginning of the end of his stunt career.

Why is Braun making this jump?

Braun says this jump is to pay homage to Evel Knievel, who inspired him to become a stuntman.

“I get a chance to fulfill the dream of my hero,” Braun said.

The jump is also a “love letter” to his children, he says. If he can achieve his goal with integrity, it will encourage his kids to push through any obstacle to go after their own goals.

Twin Falls Mayor Shawn Barigar talks about the historic attempt by Evel Knievel to jump the Snake River Canyon, and a daredevil's new plan to jump it Sept. 17, 2016. The legendary Kneivel's failed attempt took place in 1974 just east of the Perrin