Owner of Blaine inn offers pot tours - but no toking allowed

Pot tourists can learn about the medical and recreational sides of the marijuana industry in Whatcom County during four-hour tours that begin this month.

Bob Boulé, owner of Smuggler’s Inn Bed and Breakfast in Blaine, is launching the tours for guests of the inn. Tours cost $175 per person. Participants must be 21 years old.

The point of the tours is to learn, not to get high.

“It’s not a party type situation at all,” Boulé said. “What we’re trying to do is get people who are interested, who have a need to learn more. We’re stressing the educational part.”

The inn has a 38-foot stretch limo that can seat 14 people.

Boulé said he was launching the tours because he had received a number of queries, including from people who wanted to change the pot laws where they live.

“We were getting calls from other states and countries trying to find out more,” he said. “These people are also looking at if it’s successful in this state, would they be able to take that knowledge and those connections back to their state about changing things.”

So far, Washington is just one of two states to legalize recreational marijuana. And it’s among the 23 states to allow medical marijuana; the District of Columbia also has approved medical pot.

Tour-goers will learn about recreational and medical pot, including meeting local growers and going to local retail pot stores; hydroponics supplies; edibles; and glass blowers, who make paraphernalia such as pipes and bongs.

Recreational pot growers are just getting going in Whatcom County, so that portion of the tour may focus on medical growers for now.

“It’s the recreational people who don’t have enough supply to do the tour type thing. They could if the tours are small, but if I brought in 14 people it could be a little overwhelming for them,” Boulé explained.

In August, state regulators told tour bus companies that state law and federal safety regulations banned consuming or otherwise using marijuana on their vehicles.

The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission issued the notice after a number of transportation companies applied for permits to offer marijuana-themed services. Charter companies that don’t comply will lose their state permit.

The commission currently regulates three charter companies in the state that offer marijuana tours. They are Good & Goods, doing business as The Original Cannabus; Ride the Cannabus; and Kush Tourism. None are based in Whatcom County.

But those regulations apply to larger charters, not Boulé’s smaller limo service.

Still, Smuggler’s Inn is licensed as a non-smoking facility, and the non-smoking rule extends to transportation for guests.

That means, for example, that tour-goers won’t be able to smoke marijuana in the limo or inside their rooms at the inn, but they will be able to consume their edibles in those locations. As for lighting up, they’ll be able to do that at designated outdoor areas on inn property.

Book a tour by calling Boulé at 360-332-1749.