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Editorial: We shouldn’t rush to abolish ICE – yet

Calls to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency didn't begin with the recent family separation and detention crisis, but the cry has increased in volume in the last few weeks among activists, congressional candidates, and current representatives, mayors, and senators. On Thursday, Democrats in the House of Representatives proposed a bill that will establish a task force to recommend a new "humane" agency to replace ICE.


David Murphy: Phillies’ success isn’t tanking, and it never was – it’s a youth movement

It wasn't long ago that the Phillies found themselves facing some serious allegations from folks who insisted that their rebuilding effort amounted to "tanking." From the ESPN airwaves to the pages of the local papers, a small but vocal contingent of pundits and press insisted that what teams such as the Phillies were doing was little different from the "processes" of NBA teams that generated so much consternation in that sport. It's an interesting conversation to revisit in light of recent events, specifically something that occurred late last week.

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Steve & Mia: How to broach an unusual sex request

Can you please tell me what is wrong with men these days? They seem more like boys than real men. They talk a good game but when it comes down to being in a relationship and settling down with a woman it's always a million excuses. The girls in my squad are all educated like me. We all went to college and have good jobs. We all have our own homes and are responsible people. But the men we meet are always more interested in playing video games than in taking us on real dates. A few of us have tried online dating but we spend most weekends hanging out with each other instead of going out with men. We are all 25 except for my one friend who is 28. What are we doing wrong?

Semi-truck flips and catches fire along I-86

East Idaho News reports, "Westbound lanes of Interstate 86 in American Falls are blocked due to a semi truck crash and fire... lanes are blocked between exit 44 (Ramsey Road) and exit 40." The video shown here was near the Seagull Bay exit.