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Fantasy Football 2018: AFC North

Knowledge is power and the greatest asset you can acquire in order to compete for a fantasy football championship. Here's your 2018 preview of the AFC North, the first of eight division profiles leading to draft season.

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Dennis Anderson: Minnesota gubernatorial candidates should be forced to bone up on conservation

Here at Farmfest on last Wednesday, the five candidates for governor distinguished themselves not a bit on the conservation front. Politicians each, they instead played to the crowd, displaying, variably, a lack of knowledge about proper stewardship of land and water, an indifference to same or, in certain instances, a seemingly cynical regard for requirements intended to clean up the state's many polluted farmland waterways.


Tech Q&A: How to get data from one device to another

Q: I copied some photos from my camera's memory card to a newly created folder on my two-year-old Surface Pro tablet PC, using a USB card reader. I could see the photos after I transferred them, but when I restarted the PC the photos were gone. I haven't gotten any "low memory" warnings. What's wrong?

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‘Crazy Rich Asians’ is crazy good

Love and its complicated dynamics have been largely out of style in filmmaking since the witty, mature heyday of Norah Ephron ("When Harry Met Sally") and Richard Curtis ("Four Weddings and a Funeral"). But now it's revived by "Crazy Rich Asians," a take on the moribund genre that's leaps and bounds above anything we've seen for years.

Map shows smoke drifting over Pacific Northwest from multiple wildfires

A map generated from satellite imagery shows the spread of wildfire smoke across the Pacific Northwest and the forecast for Tuesday, Aug. 14. Air quality in the region ranged from unhealthy for sensitive groups to moderate.