‘Is this your turd?’ Missouri town plants tiny flags in dog poop to clean up the city

A city in Missouri is fed up with pet owners leaving behind dog poop for others to step in and pollute the town.

Who can relate?

So, officials in Springfield have started planting tiny flags in dog poop to draw attention to the problem — and they’ve come up with some witty captions for the awareness campaign.

“Is this your turd? ‘Cuz that’s absurd,” one of the flags says.

Another flag is a bit more congenial.

“This is a nudge to pick up the fudge,” it says.

The police department posted pictures Wednesday of the small flags planted in poop, reminding pet owners that it’s against the law to leave behind waste for others to deal with.

“And while the (poop) flags are funny and witty, keeping our community clean is not a joke and in many cases it is against city ordinance not to clean up your pet’s waste,” police said.

While plenty of people applauded the anti-pet poop campaign, others criticized the city for adding to the litter problem by putting flags in the ground. The city had an answer to the gripe.

“The flags are actually made from bamboo and recycled content paper instead of the more common metal and PVC yard flags seen,” the city’s environmental department wrote in a comment. “But, rest assured, there are crews associated with the downtown association and the City that manage periodic monthly pet waste removals. These crews are prepared to pick up flags during their next removal.”

The department also debunked claims that the dog poop is a fertilizer for the ground.

“There is a lot of bacteria and pollution in pet waste that actually created a health hazard for people and other pets when left on the ground. It’s also not great for water quality efforts either,” the department wrote.

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Chacour Koop is a Real-Time reporter based in Kansas City. Previously, he reported for the Associated Press, Galveston County Daily News and Daily Herald in Chicago.