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Cargo ship anchored in Bellingham Bay bound for Tacoma

The Wisteria Ace, a 650-foot cargo ship, was anchored in Bellingham Bay Monday, Feb. 9 while it waited for an opening at the Port of Tacoma.

Dockworkers resumed unloading ships at several West Coast ports Monday, after employers had suspended operations over the weekend because of an ongoing labor dispute. The delay backed up vessel traffic at several ports.

According to, a website that tracks commercial vessels all over the world, the Wisteria Ace made a brief stop in Anacortes Monday morning before it arrived in Bellingham shortly after 7 a.m.

The ship, weighing about 60,000 tons, was built in 2007 and flies under a Liberian flag, according to

The Pacific Maritime Association, an employer group representing shipping companies, said it stopped the weekend unloading of ships because it didn't want to pay overtime to workers who they allege have deliberately slowed operations to gain leverage during contract talks, according to a report in the Los Angeles Times.

Employers and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union have been locked in bitter talks for a new West Coast dockworkers contract for nearly nine months.