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Ski to Sea race makes a "Best of the NW" listing (w/video)

A Seattle blogger has posted a video of the Ski to Sea race, fittingly for a site called "Best of the NW."

Bryan Schaeffer is founder of SINTR Visual Communications, which designs multimedia projects for corporate clients. He's also the brains behind, a year-long blog which documents some of the best trails, routes and destinations in the Pacific Northwest through weekly social video releases.

"They're like little teaser videos that give you an idea of what doing a trail or route is like. It's mostly about things to do for the weekend warrior," Schaeffer said. The videos also provide GPS information on routes and helpful links to other sites, like Washington Trails Association, which have more information about the subject matter.

Though many of the site's videos are focused on Seattle-area hikes, he expects to hit more trails in the North Cascades as hiking season gets into gear this summer.

The Ski to Sea video was a bit different - it uses an interactive course map and video footage to help describe the race and its relay legs, so uninformed viewers really get a sense of what the relay event is like.

Schaeffer has competed in the Ski to Sea race on both the cross-country skiing and mountain biking legs and competed internationally in cross-country skiing events.

Here's his take on the Ski to Sea race: