Man brandishes handgun in Bellingham road rage incident, police say

A road rage incident came to a head when a man pointed a handgun at a driver in the Birchwood neighborhood early Saturday morning, July 2, police said.

A man called around 2 a.m. to report he had been driving northwest on Northwest Avenue when he noticed another man in a white Toyota 4Runner directly behind him tailgating, swerving and nearly hitting parked cars, Bellingham police Sgt. Ken Brown said.

The suspect passed the man, and both cars turned left on West Maplewood Avenue.

At the intersection of West Maplewood and Cottonwood avenues, the suspect stopped in the middle of the intersection and pointed a handgun back at the other man. The man drove around the suspect, who then followed, Brown said.

The man then called police, and said he thought the suspect may have been drunk.

When the two reached the T intersection with Bennett Drive, they each turned in opposite directions.

The man who reported the incident told police he didn’t know why the suspect was driving aggressively. No one was injured.

Kyle Mittan: 360-756-2803, @KyleMittan