Man found in Whatcom Creek had medical emergency, likely drowned

A man who was found dead in Whatcom Creek Friday, May 6, suffered from heart disease and likely drowned, Whatcom County Medical Examiner Gary Goldfogel said in an email Tuesday.

The man, identified as Charles J. Stich, 67, was discovered by a kayaker just after 9 a.m. Friday face down in the middle of the creek near the walkway in Maritime Heritage Park.

Stich, Goldfogel wrote, was likely unconscious from a medical emergency related to the heart condition, and was probably somewhere near the creek when the rising tide caused him to drown. The death is being deemed as either natural or accidental, Goldfogel added.

There was no evidence that Sitch was harmed by someone else, Goldfogel said.

Kyle Mittan