Ferndale man buys nude photos of teen, gets 10 months in prison

A Ferndale man who solicited nude photos from teenage girls in 2013 was sentenced to 10 months behind bars on Thursday, April 28.

Anthony Taylor Duran, 22, pleaded guilty in Whatcom County Superior Court to two counts of communication with a minor for immoral purposes.

Between June and August 2013, Duran, then 19 years old, contacted a 16-year-old girl via Facebook, court records show. The girl sent nude photos to Duran in exchange for cash he hid in envelopes.

The girl, court records state, estimated Duran had given her about $1,000 total. Their correspondence ended with an in-person meeting at the Bellis Fair mall to exchange cash in August 2013.

The girl’s mother found and reported the messages to police later that month.

In early September 2013, Duran took to Facebook again to ask another girl to meet in person for $200. The girl was 14 years old at the time, court records state. Duran continued to message the girl for two more days until she blocked him via Facebook and reported the messages to police.

Later that month, a detective with the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office used the girl’s phone number to initiate contact with Duran, posing as the girl and messaging Duran from her phone number.

The detective, still posing as the girl, eventually scheduled a meeting with Duran, who had agreed to pay cash for oral sex. Police arrested Duran at the proposed meeting location, finding the cash in his wallet, court records say.

Judge Raquel Montoya-Lewis gave Duran two 10-month sentences, to be served concurrently. The standard range for the crime is nine to 12 months for someone with no criminal history, like Duran.

When he’s released, Duran will be under Department of Corrections supervision for another year, during which he is not allowed to come into contact with any minors unless approved by the DOC.

Duran also will not be allowed to have a Facebook account during that time, and will need approval from officials before using the Internet.

Kyle Mittan: 360-756-2803, @KyleMittan