Police: Bellingham man severely beat his grandmother with stick

​ A Bellingham man severely beat his 87-year-old grandmother with a stick Tuesday, Feb. 9, after she asked him to leave her home, according to Bellingham police.

Collin D. Cofield, 24, was booked into Whatcom County Jail on suspicion of first-degree domestic violence assault.

According to police, Cofield visited the woman Tuesday afternoon at her home at Lakeway Mobile Estates, a trailer park at 1200 Lincoln St. The victim told police Cofield had been allowed to occasionally visit her home but has been unruly in the past and agreed to leave if he started acting out again.

The grandmother told police Tuesday’s visit started well but Cofield started getting loud and out of control. When she told him it was time to leave, he attacked, police said, hitting her with a stick and demanding money.

Cofield fled after the attack, and the grandmother went to a neighbor’s home for help. She was taken to St. Joseph hospital and is being treated for multiple injuries including bruises, a broken cheekbone, a broken finger and a broken rib. Cofield hit the woman hard enough on her face and temple that one of her hearing aids was broken by the impact, police said.

Police found Cofield about 8 that same night under a bridge at Roeder and Central Streets, in an area where he was known to camp. When contacted, he would not speak with officers or detectives.

Neighborhood Anti-Crime Team officers also found a stick believed to be the weapon used during the assault, described as “a piece of doweling similar to a tool handle,” about 2 feet long and close to 1½ inches in diameter.

Cofield has an extensive criminal history including felony harassment, residential burglary, second-degree assault, drug possession and a handful of misdemeanors. Some of those crimes were committed when he was younger than 18.

In 2012, he was sentenced to 19 months in prison for stabbing another man at a homeless camp in the 300 block of West Orchard Drive.

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