Police: Heroin, meth, pot, guns found in Ferndale drug bust

A Ferndale man faces 16 felony charges after a drug bust found guns, heroin, meth and an illegal marijuana grow-op at his home, according to police.

Leading up to the arrest, Ferndale police were taking “a lot of complaints” from neighbors about many people making frequent short visits to 5345 Poplar Drive, the home of Kenneth Alfred Heinzl, 45, said Ferndale Police Lt. Matt Huffman.

Officers and sheriff’s deputies carried out a search warrant Sept. 18. On the property they found more than 140 marijuana plants, 1.75 grams of heroin, 7 ounces of meth and 40 pills containing amphetamine and dextroamphetamine, according to police.

Some of the marijuana plants were growing outside the house. Cannabis is legal to possess in Washington state, but growers need either a medical card or a commercial license. Heinzl claimed he had a medical card, but he did not have one on him, Huffman said. Likewise, police added, the pills didn’t have bottles and had been repackaged as if for sale.

Officers also found six guns: two assault rifles, two .22-caliber rifles, a .30-06 rifle, and a shotgun. Heinzl has three felonies on his record — all drug-related — making it illegal for him to have guns.

Heinzl’s housemate, William Phillip Evans, 43, was arrested on suspicion of possessing meth and heroin with intent to deliver.

As the warrant was being served, Evans acted as though he was having a medical emergency, Huffman said. Police declined to say what kind of emergency. Evans was rushed to St. Joseph hospital, but doctors could find nothing wrong with him. Officers believe he was faking an illness. He faces a misdemeanor charge of obstructing law enforcement.

According to court records, Evans, too, has a felony record, for writing $1,900 in bad checks to a Little Caesars restaurant in Blaine.

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