Search continues for missing kayaker on Lake Whatcom

The search continued Monday, Aug. 31, for a man who went missing while kayaking on Lake Whatcom.

Corey Michael DeFamio, 24, of Mount Vernon, went kayaking in the predawn hours Sunday after a night of partying with friends on North Shore Road, according to the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office.

His friends had been discussing going out on the water together. The others decided it was too cold. So DeFamio went paddling alone in a small yellow kayak, a “loaner” boat that’s often shared by people in the neighborhood, said Undersheriff Jeff Parks.

DeFamio came back to shore at least once, but sometime around 5:30 a.m. he went missing in Agate Bay, on the north end of the lake. Sunrise was about an hour later.

Sheriff’s deputies got the call around 9:30 a.m. Search crews looked for DeFamio until sunset.

Searchers found some things in the area — a blue lifejacket, a shoe — that DeFamio might have been wearing, Parks said. Soon after the search relaunched on Monday morning, the yellow kayak was found flooded with water under a dock in the 2100 block of North Shore Road.

Yet there was no sign of DeFamio.

Divers and sonar have been helping with the search. So far no evidence has turned up to suggest DeFamio came back ashore.

“There are always possibilities,” Parks said, “but right now we’re working with the idea that he went out and didn’t come back.”

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