Deer found shot by crossbow bolt in Bellingham

A deer had to be euthanized after it was found with a crossbow bolt in its neck Sunday, Aug. 23, according to police.

Police found the deer in a grassy area near the 1100 block of Iowa Street around 7 a.m. with a crossbow bolt sticking out of its neck, said Bellingham Police Sgt. Mike Scanlon.

The deer was moving slowly and appeared to be in poor health. The police officer killed it, per policy, Scanlon said.

Police “don’t have any idea who shot the deer,” Scanlon said, but they are processing the bolt for fingerprints and DNA evidence.

“If this person is reading the paper they may want to contact us,” Scanlon said.

Police likely will refer the case to Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife once more information is gathered.

Earlier this month, a two-point buck was found dead from a gunshot wound within city limits near Barkley Boulevard and Chandler Parkway. There were no suspects initially, and officers did not immediately answer phone calls Monday.

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