Armed man robs restaurant in downtown Bellingham

An armed man walked through the back door of Man Pies restaurant in downtown Bellingham on Sunday, Nov. 9 and made two employees get on the floor before stealing money from the cash register, restaurant owner Bryce Sharp said.

Sharp said the restaurant was closing up around 8 p.m. Sunday when a man came from the parking garage and through the back door that was left open. He then took the employees’ phones and demanded money from the register.

Police said in a Facebook post that police dogs were not successful in locating the robber.

The restaurant, at 1215 Railroad Ave., had security footage of the robbery, and Sharp said the man wore glasses and a rain jacket with the hood up.

The robbery is the second of a local business within four days. A man in a Groucho Marx-like mask carrying a semiautomatic handgun robbed a Westside Pizza restaurant in Cordata on Thursday, Nov. 6. That suspect also was wearing a raincoat with a hood, police have said.

In both robberies, employees described the suspect as a 50-year-old man, about 5-foot-8 or 5-foot-10, according to police.

Sharp said this has been the third time this year his restaurant was hit by criminals. The other two times the restaurant was broken into after business hours.

“We’re tired of getting robbed,” he said.

Police have asked anyone with information related to the investigation to call their tipline at 360-778-8611.