After 50 years and a Facebook post, lost class ring returned to Nooksack Valley alum

The Blaine Police Department, which began a new Facebook page in July, is quickly learning the value of social media.

The department’s Oct. 2 post trying to locate the owners of some jewelry in the property and evidence room following a resolved case resulted in a high school class ring being reunited with a former Whatcom County high school student who hadn’t seen it in 50 years.

The department announced Oct. 8 the ring had been returned to its owner.

“How amazing to be able to use social media for such a positive story,” department spokesperson Tami Mikkelson told The Bellingham Herald.

The ring was from 1969, Mikkelson said, and it belonged to a Nooksack Valley High School alum.

A man driving through the Blaine post office to put mail in the outgoing box found the ring, Mikkelson said, after he saw something flash and was certain it had fallen out of a car in front of him and was about to be run over.

The man picked up the ring and brought it to the Blaine Police Department, and Mikkelson created a post encouraging people who believed the ring might be theirs to call and describe it.

“Another gentleman, who was part of that graduation class, saw the post and contacted me,” Mikkelson told The Herald. “He thought he may know who it was. He contacted the suspected owner who, in turn, reached out to us.”

Mikkelson said one other person contacted the department about the ring, but it clearly did not belong to them.

The owner told police that he lost the ring in the year he received it and hasn’t seen it since, Mikkelson said..

David Rasbach joined The Bellingham Herald in 2005 and now covers breaking news. He has been an editor and writer in several western states since 1994.