Victim stops phone theft, but man allegedly still sneaks off with keys and steals car

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The Bellingham Police Department enforces the law within Bellingham city limits.
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The Bellingham Police Department enforces the law within Bellingham city limits.

A man who worked at a Bellingham bar stopped a patron from taking his phone, but reportedly didn’t know the man had also grabbed his keys and wallet and ended up stealing his car.

Bellingham police booked Kevin Jonathan Green, a 55-year-old from Los Angeles, into Whatcom County Jail on Monday, July 1, on suspicion of theft of a motor vehicle and second-degree theft, and, according to jail records, he is being held in lieu of $2,500 bail.

According to information provided to The Bellingham Herald by Lt. Claudia Murphy, police were notified at approximately 11 a.m. Monday when a friend of the victim’s saw someone else driving around in the victim’s car.

Officers went to the bar in the 1400 block of Cornwall Avenue, where they learned that Green had reportedly been harassing customers and the victim asked him to leave. Green walked to the exit, grabbing the victim’s phone off a nearby counter on the way out, Murphy said.

The victim confronted Green, who left without the phone, Murphy said, but unbeknownst to the victim, Green also had taken the victim’s keys and wallet.

After the victim received the call from his friend, he told police that his car was not where he’d left it.

Approximately an hour later, Murphy said, the victim and his friend were driving around and found the stolen vehicle driven by Green. Officers arrived and took Green into custody without incident.

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