Receive one of these emails? Bellingham police advise caution and not opening files

The Bellingham Police Department posted a Facebook warning Monday about two email scams that have been seen in the area recently.

The first includes an eviction notice and contains a file to open, according to the Facebook post, while the second tells recipients to go buy Best Buy gift cards.

The post said police have seen similar requests to buy Best Buy and other gift cards before.

"Remember to ask someone you trust before taking action on requests or calls to action!" Bellingham police said in the post.

The eviction notice email scam tells recipients that they will be evicted on the date included in the attachment unless they move out of the property and return control to the landlord or pay the full amount ordered by the court in the warrant of restitution to the landlord to stop the eviction process, unless the court checked the box on the warrant of restitution that says "Without Right of Redemption."

The email is from the fictional "Bellingham Sheriff's Office" with an address of and includes a "Download Eviction Notice" line in attempt to get recipients to click on it.

"It's always best to NOT open files from unknown sources!" police said in the post.