Protesters gather outside Trump rally in Lynden

Protesters began to join the Donald Trump supporters outside the Northwest Washington Fairgrounds before on the Republican presidential candidate’s rally that was supposed to begin at 3 p.m.

A handful of protestors with a Mijente Seattle group, shouting “We are with the blockers,” chained themselves together on Guide Meridian south of Lynden in an attempt to block Trump’s motorcade. Several were arrested by law enforcement at the scene.

“As someone who has grown up in Washington ... I am putting my body on the line to stop fascism from taking over our country,” said Josefina Mora, 18, one of the participants in the protest, in a prepared statement. “The residents of Lynden today have a chance to stand with us and reject hate.”

Outside the fairgrounds, Kathy Ferguson of Bellingham was one of the first protesters to stand across from the long line of people waiting to get into the venue on the hot, sunny Saturday morning.

She held a life-sized cutout of Jesus with a sign affixed that read “Trump Sucketh.”

“The Republican Party has always put themselves out as the moral majority and very Christian, and yet right now they are willing to stand behind someone who is a secular humanist who doesn’t even know what the bible says,” Ferguson said, “I’m just here to let them know they’re supporting somebody who is the antithesis of what they used to espouse.”

Brooks Anderson of Bellingham, one of the early protesters on Kok Road, said “This whole thing about the wall (on the Mexican border) is unconscionable. Everyone’s been an immigrant at some point in time.”

About 100 people demonstrated on Front Street until about 3:30 p.m., holding signs and eliciting honks, hoots and rude gestures from drivers.

Robert Cervantez, 62, of Bellingham said America’s at a crossroad: “This is greatest threat to American democracy I’ve ever seen.” “We can’t allow ourselves to become a fascist nation,” he said, adding that he supports Bernie Sanders, but would vote for Hillary Clinton rather than Trump.

Julie Adams of Blaine held up artistic sign that said “Peace not Trump.” She said it was her first time to protest. “I think that Donald Trump is dangerous. It’s scaring me the things he says,” she said. “I voted for Hillary because I think she can get things done.”

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