911 call box added in Glacier for Mt. Baker Highway emergencies

In emergencies it can be hard to find a public phone in Glacier, so now there is an intercom at the Glacier fire hall that connects straight to 911 dispatchers.

Cell service is spotty to nonexistent in Glacier, and pretty much all public telephones have been removed, said Jan Eskola, chairwoman of the Glacier fire department’s board of commissioners. Because of that, the department worked to get the emergency line in place.

“If there is an accident or something happening, there is no place for people to go dial 911,” Eskola said. “There are some booths in the gated communities, but if you’re just driving up and down Mount Baker Highway you’re not able to get in.”

The call box was installed Friday, April 15, on the east side of the Glacier Fire and Rescue (fire district 19) house near the entrance door at 9953 Mount Baker Highway, Eskola said.

The red box is outside the fire hall and only requires pushing a button to connect with an operator through an intercom-like system, Eskola said. The system is similar to the blue boxes located across Western Washington University’s campus.

The department hopes to get signs posted on the highway pointing to the emergency line, she said.

Samantha Wohlfeil: 360-715-2274, @SAWohlfeil