What’s happening in Whatcom County for Sept. 17

Video of the day

Two kayakers got more than a glimpse at marine life when a humpback whale breached over — and right onto — their kayak. (OK, it happened in California, but we have whales...)

Recycling debate solved

The debate over whether to remove plastic lids before recycling bottles or not has divided some families (usually the night before recycling pickup) for too long. The official answer is finally here: it’s OK to leave plastic lids and rings on bottles, just rinse and recycle, according to Sanitary Service Company, which picks up curbside recycling for much of Whatcom County.

A fashion trend beyond the PNW?

socks with sandals

The Wall Street Journal tackled the socks with sandals fashion trend, which has been a Pacific Northwest staple (or horror, depending on your view) for years.

Night out

moon over buffalo
David Bolden plays George Hay in Lynden Performing Arts Guild’s “Moon Over Buffalo.” Kit Vonnegut Courtesy to The Bellingham Herald

The madcap comedy “Moon Over Buffalo” runs thorough Oct. 5 at the at Claire vg Thomas Theatre in Lynden. It’s about a dysfunctional theater troupe performing at the Erlander Theatre (a real theater) in Buffalo, N.Y., in 1953.

Sudden Valley roadwork

Far Summit Place will be down to one lane on Friday, Sept. 18. Polo Park Drive will also be one lane at Beaver Creek Bridge for three days starting Monday, Sept. 21. Sudden Valley Drive will be limited to one lane at Honeycomb Lane Tuesday, Sept. 22, and Wednesday as will Winter Creek Place. Expect delays.

Local tweet of the day

A dark and stormy report: Here’s another gem from the sometimes colorful log of the Blaine Police Department. “Sept. 16: It was not stormy but was indeed dark as an officer on patrol waited at the Bell Road railroad crossing for the midnight freight train to pass. ... Suddenly a large town car sped north on Peace Portal through their midst, swerved through the intersection turning southwest onto Bell Road,then nearly veered off the roadway and onto the railroad tracks before accelerating south. When the officer stopped the car moments later, its operator explained he was just in a hurry to get home from work. It turned out he was doing this in violation of his driver's license suspension. The man was arrested for the criminal offense, then cited and released with a mandatory court date. The 20-year-old called this parents to come out in the dark of night and collect his car so that it would not be towed. From their expressions it appeared a storm might be brewing after all.”

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