North Cascades trails, visitor center reopen after wildfire

The North Cascades Visitor Center and most trails on the west side of North Cascades National Park have reopened after rain reduced wildfires burning through the area.

However, several areas remain closed due to nearby active fires or burn damage:

▪ The burned area within the perimeter of the Goodell Fire with the exception of the State Route 20 corridor, North Cascades Visitor Center and access road.

▪ Upper and Lower Goodell group camps.

▪ Goodell climber access parking area and route.

▪ Newhalem Creek Trail.

▪ Newhalem Campground (all loops and associated access trails).

▪ Newhalem area trails (Ladder Creek Falls Trail, Linking Trail, Lower Newhalem Creek Trail, River Loop Trail, Rock Shelter Trail, To Know A Tree Trail, and Trail of the Cedars).

▪ Newhalem crags climbing area.

▪ Park Creek Trail north of Two Mile Camp.

▪ Upper Stehekin Valley Trail west of the Flat Creek Trail.

▪ Cascade Pass Trail east of the junction with Horseshoe Basin Trail.

People also need to stay out of burned areas. Conditions may change at any time. Check nps.gov/noca for latest information.