Fishing restrictions lifted on section of Nooksack River

The recent rainy, cooler weather has improved conditions of rivers enough to lift some fishing restrictions, including on a section of the Nooksack.

Fishing reopened Wednesday, Sept. 2, on the lower Nooksack River from Slater Road to Deming.

The state Department of Fish and Wildlife closed or restricted fishing on more than 60 rivers and streams last week because of drought, river flow and warm water temperatures resulting in severe fish die-off.

“We’re seeing lower water temperatures and river flows typical for late summer in several rivers around the state,” said Ron Warren, WDFW salmon policy lead, in a news release. “If those conditions continue, we’ll likely ease restrictions in other rivers in the coming days and weeks.”

Any changes will be posted on WDFW’s drought page at wdfw.wa.gov/conservation/drought/. The page also contains information on fishing closures or “hoot owl” restrictions, which limit the hours that a river is open to fishing, that remain in place on more than 40 rivers and streams across the state.