Employer drug tests for pot to be discussed in Bellingham

A former TV reporter fired after testing positive for pot use will talk about how she thinks such tests are unfair during a free presentation Wednesday, Sept. 2.

The event will begin at 7 p.m. at the Best Western Lakeway Inn, 714 Lakeway Drive.

It’s being sponsored by 2020 Solutions, which has two recreational marijuana stores in Bellingham.

Cyd Maurer, former morning weekend anchor at KEZI in Eugene, Ore., is the speaker.

She was driving a work car when she got into a fender-bender while on assignment for KEZI on May 22 and was ordered, per company policy, to undergo a drug test. Maurer said she had used marijuana within a week of the accident, but said she wasn’t under the influence at the time.

Maurer was fired and has since become a marijuana activist. She will speak about how current drug tests don’t measure impairment.

Oregon voters have legalized recreational pot use, a law that went into effect July 1.