Sunday was among hottest Bellingham days on record

How hot was Sunday, July 5?

At 93 degrees it didn’t just come in as the highest July 5 temperature on record. It was tied for the fifth hottest day in Bellingham since records started being kept in 1949, according to the National Weather Service.

It got so hot so fast that by 11 a.m. it hit 87 degrees, reaching the old July 5 record set in 1958. Before noon, it hit 93 degrees.

Bellingham hasn’t been in the 90s since August 2010, according to Bellingham Weather on Twitter.

Sunday’s temperature also was only three degrees shy of reaching Bellingham’s all-time record of 96 degrees, set July 29, 2009.

Wednesday, July 1, also hit a record of 84 degrees for that date, according to NWS records. The official temperature is recorded at Bellingham International Airport. Inland areas tend to have higher temperatures.

This follows the hottest ever June in Bellingham. Multiple weather records were set during the month including highest average high temperature (73.6 degrees), highest average temperature (64 degrees) and highest average low (54.5 degrees).