Lynden joins Whatcom in asking residents to forgo fireworks

Just before the long Independence Day holiday weekend begins, the city of Lynden is asking the public to celebrate without fireworks this year.

On Thursday, July 2, Lynden Assistant Fire Chief Robert Spinner issued a statement noting with the city experiencing dangerously dry conditions, a single ember could spark a disaster. While fireworks are legal in the city, people are asked not to use them given the conditions.

The governor’s office issued a similar plea Thursday for people to be extremely careful with fireworks or any other celebrating. While the office has received many inquiries about possibly enacting a statewide ban on fireworks, Gov. Jay Inslee doesn’t have the legal authority , according to his office.

Both statements come a day after Whatcom County Executive Jack Louws issued a similar release asking people to be mindful of the dry, warm conditions and consider keeping the fireworks on hold until New Year’s Eve.