Bellingham’s PogoZone acquires OpenAccess

A local Internet service provider has purchased another company

PogoZone Internet Solutions has acquired Bellingham’s OpenAccess Network Services. According to a company news release, the acquisition will allow PogoZone to expand service in Skagit County and improve quality of service.

“When we looked at the coverage and customer maps of both PogoZone and OpenAccess, there was virtually no overlap,” said JD Sinclair, president of Pogo Zone in the news release. “Combining the two networks will allow us to expand our support and services for both PogoZone and OpenAccess customers.”

PogoZone has seven employees, while OpenAccess has two employees. For now, the OpenAccess name will stay intact, but PogoZone will be the primary brand going forward.

Sinclair said that in an era where the major Internet service providers tend to crowd out local companies, PogoZone has worked hard to build strong support from local customers.

With the acquisition, customers of both companies will have access to co-location and hosting facilities. Along with Internet access and data center services, PogoZone offers web hosting and Internet phone service. It has established networks to several larger multi-tenant buildings in Whatcom County as well as service to rural areas.

PogoZone was established in Bellingham in 2002, while OpenAccess was founded in 1998. For details on PogoZone, visit PogoZone.com.

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