Eliza Island cabin destroyed by fire and flames spread to nearby brush

A small cabin on Eliza Island was destroyed by a fire and flames spread to nearby brush on Friday morning, Oct. 11. The black smoke was visible across Bellingham Bay.

Fire crews, including Bellingham’s Marine 6 fireboat, were called for a smoke investigation at 10:53 a.m.

Bellingham Fire Department captain Dave Pethick told The Bellingham Herald that a fire started in a 600-foot-square cabin in the fire and spread to a 75-foot by 75-foot area of brush nearby. The fireboat was used to pump water to hand lines at the fire, Pethick said.

Pethick said crews were still on the scene working to make sure the fire didn’t spread any further and that a fire investigator had been called to determine the fire’s cause. No injuries were reported, though Pethick said the report from the island did not include if anyone was at home at the time of the fire.

According to the Eliza Island Facebook page, the island is a private island located near the southern tip of Lummi Island, approximately 8.1 miles from Bellingham.

The island is not part of a fire district, according to the website for the Eliza Island Beach Club.

Eliza-Island.com says there are 139 lots of record on the triangle-shaped island that is approximately one mile wide and one mile tall, with a total land area of 141.1 acres. Residents younger than 55 are required to travel by foot or bike, though golf carts or Gators are allowed for older residents.

A 65-year-old man suffered minor injuries when he crashed his vintage private plane on takeoff from a small airstrip on Eliza Island in April of 2018.

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The Bellingham Fire Department is investigating multiple reports of black smoke coming from Eliza Island on Friday. Bellingham’s Marine 6 is responding the Bellingham Bay Island near the southern tip of Lummi Island. Diane Trunek Courtesy to The Bellingham Herald
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