Fruit flies? So annoying! Here’s how Whatcom County residents get rid of them

Say goodbye to pesky fruit flies.

As the temperatures drop fruit flies usually become less prevalent in our kitchens. However, fruit flies can survive year-round if they have food and a suitable climate — both of which a kitchen sink, trash can or bowl of fruit can provide.

We asked The Bellingham Herald’s Facebook followers if they thought the fruit flies were bad this year and how they deal with the bugs. Here were some of the responses:

Amber Nicole Coffey said “Yes, tons more. So annoying” while others offered techniques for trapping and killing the insects.

Hilary Shulte says “Vinegar with a little dish soap in a small bowl near the sink” makes an effective trap, and Linda Smith suggested using wine (another suggested Jameson) if you do not have any apple cider vinegar.

Another commenter, Bill Toney, posted a link to a useful youtube video about how to make another type of trap using paper, tape, a jar and bait of your choosing.

Check out this Washington State University’s page to learn more about fruit flies.

Warren Sterling in a graduate of Reed College of Media at West Virginia University. He interned at Politifact.com before joining The Bellingham Herald as a summer 2019 intern.