Whatcom business taking ‘care of those who take care of us’ during the snow storm

Courtesy to The Bellingham Herald

If there is any job you probably don’t want any part of this week with all the snow that’s fallen, it’s got to be pizza delivery driver.

“We’re doing the best to keep everyone as safe as possible,” said William Elmer, director of operations for JPC Pizza, which operates the four Whatcom County Domino’s franchises in Bellingham, Ferndale and Custer. “We have some drivers that are used to driving in the snow and excited to get to work and some that are bit more cautious. ... The safety of our drivers is the most important thing.”

Though snow has forced Whatcom County Domino’s to limit their delivery areas and filter online orders, Elmer said he knows there’s no way they would be able to open the stores without the hard work and dedication of the area’s law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency medical service drivers, snow plow drivers, tow truck drivers and electrical line workers.

For that reason, Elmer said he applauded the decision of the manager at the Sehome location to offer free pizza to those who are watching out for the rest of us if they show up in uniform Tuesday. News of the giveaway was spread on social media Tuesday morning.

“It’s something we’re passionate about with our managers, is to take care of those who take care of us,” Elmer told The Bellingham Herald Tuesday. “That manager was being proactive and thinking ahead and made a real nice gesture.”

Such a nice gesture, Elmer said he plans to talk to the managers at the other Whatcom County locations about offering a similar deal — assuming they are able to open those locations. Even a U.S. Postal Service carrier delivering the mail to the Meridian location received a free pizza.

“We’re only able to open stores because there are people out getting the roads open and keeping us safe and making sure we have power in some pretty tough conditions,” Elmer said. “It seems like the least we can do.”

Elmer said Whatcom County Domino’s will be closing at 4 p.m. Tuesday to make sure employees can make it home safely, but the stores will make the offer again Wednesday for anybody that didn’t make it in before they close.

David Rasbach joined The Bellingham Herald in 2005 and now covers breaking news. He has been an editor and writer in several western states since 1994.