It’s 5 o’clock somewhere; how are you celebrating International Beer Day?

An oatmeal stout is poured at Boundary Bay Brewery May 10 in Bellingham. Friday, Aug. 4, marks International Beer Day.
An oatmeal stout is poured at Boundary Bay Brewery May 10 in Bellingham. Friday, Aug. 4, marks International Beer Day. eabell@bhamherald.com

Don’t worry about what that clock on the office wall says, it’s officially beer-thirty.

Let us be among the first to wish you a Happy International Beer Day. No need to wrap the gifts – we all know what we’re getting, anyway.

The unofficial holiday for beer lovers to celebrate beer, beer brewers and bartenders fittingly falls on the first Friday of August, according to internationalbeerday.com. The website describes International Beer Day as “a global celebration of beer taking place in pubs, breweries and backyards all over the world.”

The website says it is celebrated in more than 200 cities by:

▪ Drinking good beer with good friends – check.

▪ Finding the nearest IBD celebration – keep reading, we’ll try to help with that.

▪ Giving the gift of beer – PLEASE don’t forget us!

▪ Enjoying beers from other cultures – bier, cervesa, biero, sör!

▪ Thanking your brewer and your bartender – THANK YOU!

There is a little disagreement over how long IBD has been around. Internationalbeerday.com says it started in 2008, while a CNBC video about the celebration from 2016 suggests it was founded in 2007 in Santa Cruz, California:

But we all know how these kinds of things can get mixed up with a couple of beers, anyway.

Surprisingly, Bellingham’s vibrant micro brew community has not jumped on the bandwagon, yet, as only Boundary Bay Brewing has tweeted anything including #Internationalbeerday as of mid-afternoon:

The brewery also used the holiday to show off its new Traverse IPA cans:

Though it wasn’t necessarily feeling the spirit of “the season,” Aslan Brewing Co. touted a Friday Beer Release:

Kulshan Brewing Company, meanwhile, advertised a garden party in Edison in conjunction with Slough Food, though it also made no mention of IBD in its Facebook post:

If you want to heed the experts’ advice and avoid Whatcom County’s smoke-filled air courtesy of the British Columbia wildfires and stay inside, heavy.com offers five fast facts you need to know about beer on International Beer Day.

Want to try something different for the special occasion? Metro.co.uk suggests a beer from almost every country.

So let’s all raise a mug, pint, can or bottle – Happy International Beer Day to you!