Have you visited this Bellingham restaurant's creepy clown room?

Customers suffering from coulrophobia, the fear of clowns, will want to use another bathroom at Homeskillet restaurant in Bellingham.

Co-owner Tina White decorated the main restroom in the small, funky breakfast and lunch cafe with lots of clowns.

“Everybody universally hates clowns,” says White, who started putting clowns in the bathroom 4 years ago when it was the only facility in the restaurant – she didn’t want customers spending too much time in the bathroom.

“Let’s fill the bathroom with clowns, they won’t hang out,” she said.

The idea took off and customers started bringing in photos, art work and clown dolls to add to the collection.

Philip A. Dwyer: 360-715-2839, @PhilipADwyer