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Business blog coming to an end

We’ve been making a series of changes to The Bellingham Herald website, and one result is the Business Blog is coming to an end.

One reason for the change is to shift priorities so I can focus on in-depth local business articles that impact the community. Readers are responding more to these articles, but they take time to put together. In order to free up more time, the decision was made to end the blog.

Except for the increase in in-depth local business stories, readers shouldn’t notice much change to the local business coverage. Retail Tipsheet will continue in its same format along with news about the local economy.

For those who bookmarked this blog looking for Whatcom County business news, I would suggest adding That’s where the Whatcom County business news and columns can be found, as well as national business articles.

The old posts from the business blog will remain online for those searching for something that was written earlier.

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- Dave