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Final days of small-business grant voting

Friday, June 19 is the final day for voting on the Mission Main St. Grants, something that’s operated by Chase bank.

Small businesses have the opportunity to receive a $100,000 grant if they can garner 250 votes from the community. Voters must have a Facebook account to be eligible to vote. Here’s a (link) to the page, where you can search for businesses by name or city.

In Bellingham, 38 companies have signed up, looking for enough votes to make it to the next round. The grants will be awarded in September. One of the companies looking for votes is Dogfish Boats, which is operated by Larry and April Schoenmaker. April Schoenmaker said one thing that she’s been reminding fans is to make sure to take the extra step of voting on the Main St. Grant site, not just the company’s Facebook page.