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Whatcom Council of Governments conducting transportation survey

Here’s a news release from the Whatcom Council of Governments, looking for feedback about the region’s transportation system:

The Whatcom Council of Governments (WCOG) is currently seeking feedback from businesses in the county about how the region’s transportation system – especially its infrastructure for moving freight – is or isn’t meeting their needs.

To maximize participation, the Whatcom County Freight System Assessment (FSA) is being conducted through an online questionnaire which is available at

“We’d like as many local companies as possible to assess our region’s freight system and tell us if it’s meeting their particular needs, or not,” said Hugh Conroy, Director of Planning at WCOG. “We have quantitative data for things like truck counts on key routes, but we also need more qualitative feedback from the businesses that are receiving deliveries and shipping their products.”

A central question is how to ensure that future investment in the regional freight system will strike the correct balance among the various objectives, including safety, system efficiency, economic development and environmental stewardship. Respondents are also asked to identify regional freight system deficiencies that affect their operations as well as recent improvements that have benefited their businesses. The responses received from the FSA will be summarized by geography, industry type, and companies’ use of different freight transportation modes (road, rail, marine, air, etc.) to inform regional transportation policymaking and planning.

According to Conroy, WCOG hopes to receive at least 100 completed FSA questionnaires. “For the results to be meaningful in the aggregate we need a lot of companies to participate,” he said.

“So far about 75 companies have completed the questionnaire, so we’re getting there.”

The questionnaire can be completed in about five minutes. “We recognize that even finding five minutes can be a challenge in a busy work day,” said Conroy, “and we wouldn’t ask if we didn’t believe that the feedback will be tremendously valuable in future public investment decisions.”

The FSA is being funded by the Washington State Department of Transportation under its Regional Transportation Planning program.