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Saturna Capital starts two funds that focus on sustainability

Bellingham-based Saturna Capital recently announced the launch of the Saturna Sustainable Equity Fund and the Saturna Sustainable Bond Fund, two mutual funds that will invest in securities that are a doing well when it comes to environment, social responsibility and governance practices.

“We believe companies with superior environmental and governance practices exhibit less risk,” said Jane Carten, president of Saturna Capital, in a news release.

Saturna looks at a variety of factors when deciding what goes in the funds, including workplace safety and board effectiveness. When it comes to environmental factors, Saturna will take a big-picture approach, said Patrick Drum, who manages the bond fund. For example, a company that needs to use a lot of water, but comes up with ways to recycle it, would score well.

For details about the Saturna’s sustainable funds, visit or call 800-728-8762