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Bellingham’s TD Curran to live-stream Apple’s media event

TD Curran, an Apple Specialist company with a store in Bellingham, will live-stream Apple’s media event at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 9.

The company has five stores in the Pacific Northwest, including on Bellingham’s waterfront at 2551 Roeder Ave. All five stores will host the event.

Apple’s media event is rumored to involve the announcement of several new products, including a new iPhone and a product the media has dubbed the iWatch. The new iPhone is expected to have a larger screen and a faster processor.

TD Curran will offer free coffee and doughnuts during the event. If new products are announced, the store will accept pre-orders. The store will also provide whatever information it has on the new products.

“We always get excited when Apple hosts their media events and product announcements,” said Ashgan Djalali, TD Curran’s media director in a news release. “We want to share that excitement with the community and provide a comfortable, fun environment for customers to watch the event.”