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Technology group to host panel discussion on net neutrality

The Technology Alliance Group for Northwest Washington will host a panel discussion "Net Neutrality and the Future of Internet Access” Friday, August 15 at the Bellingham Golf and Country Club.

The event starts at 11:30 a.m., concluding at 1:15 p.m.

Net neutrality is the idea that Internet service providers should allow access to all content without favoring or blocking particular products or websites, according to the Federal Communications Commission.

The TAG panel will include people representing different tech companies and organizations, including Comcast and the Washington Technology Industry Association.

"Our role in this is not to sway people one way or the other, but to provide a safe space in which people can learn more on this controversial topic and how they can get involved. We recognize both sides of this critical issue, and we want to provide an opportunity for people to make their opinions and concerns heard," said Meg Weber, executive director for TAG in a news release.

To learn more and to register for this event online, visit