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Do research before buying a digital single-lens reflex camera

Q: My phone camera has gotten me interested in photography, but I’m afraid of the learning curve on an expensive digital SLR. What’s the easiest way to get started?

A: Moving up to a digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR) is a big step from the relative simplicity of using a smartphone camera. However, it can be rewarding if you want higher-quality pictures, more control over how your images look and to learn more about the technical aspects of photography. But you should plan time to educate yourself on how the camera works and be prepared to spend at least a few hundred dollars on equipment, including for the camera body and interchangeable lenses.

Before you plunk down the money for expensive gear, do some research on popular models and check out the user reviews to get an idea of how DSLR cameras work. Visiting a camera shop or electronics store with display models to sample can give you a feel for using the bigger devices.

If you are shopping for an entry-level DSLR, Wirecutter, a product review site owned by The New York Times, recommends the $500 Nikon D3400 as the best DSLR for beginners thanks to image quality, ease of use and other factors — including Bluetooth connectivity for wirelessly sharing photos to a smartphone with the SnapBridge app. To get started, Nikon’s site offers a $15 online course on the basics of using its cameras. Classes on more advanced topics are also available in Nikon’s online school, and some areas host in-person photography courses as well.

If you find DSLR cameras too intimidating, other options for higher-quality pictures include smaller, lighter midrange mirrorless cameras like the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II (around $600) or advanced point-and-shoot compact cameras like the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX10 (around $600).

How to Use Multiple Twitter Accounts

Q: I have two Twitter accounts — a personal one and a more professional one I just created for my job. Can I use them both on the same phone?

A: The Twitter apps for Android and iOS allow you to be logged into multiple accounts on the same device. If you are using the Twitter app with your original account, you need to add the second account in the app’s settings in order to switch back and forth.

Open the Twitter app and tap your profile icon or the three-lined menu icon on the screen; you may see one or the other depending on the version of the app you are using. When your profile panel opens, tap the downward-pointing arrow (or, on the iOS version, the More icon with the three dots) to open a menu with links to create a new Twitter account or to add an existing one.

Tap “Add an existing account.” Enter the user name and password for your work Twitter account, and then tap the Log In button to add it.

After you have added the second account, you can switch between them by selecting the profile or menu icon and tapping the downward-pointing arrow again to reveal the icon for your other account.

Those using iOS devices can switch between accounts by long-pressing the account’s profile icon and tapping the other account from the menu that pops up from the bottom of the screen. Tapping the profile icon and then the More dots and choosing the other account’s icon switches you over, too.