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Reporting an issue with a mobile app

Q: Is there any way to report problems or get technical support for a mobile app?

A: Apps are software, so if you need help or want to report an issue with the program’s developer, there are a couple of places to look for the contact information. Open the problematic app on your device and check its menus for a link to “Support” or a “Contact Us” page. If the app in question offers such an option, you may find yourself in the program’s online support guide and frequently asked questions area, or get an email address to use for filing your complaint about the software.

If the app in question does not include links to technical support documentation, go to the online store where you downloaded the software and search for that app’s page. Once you locate the page, look for links to the app developer’s support site and contact information so you can find the answers you need or report specific problems to the app’s creators.

Google’s site has support pages for its own apps. Android users can quickly see a collection of just the apps you have installed by opening the Google Play app, tapping the menu icon in the upper-left corner of the screen and choosing “My apps and games.” Tap an app icon to go to its page.

Those with iOS devices can see their personal software libraries by opening the App Store icon on the home screen and tapping the Purchased button. Select an app to get a pop-up window showing its information page and links to the developer. Apple’s site has support help for the company’s own apps.

Microsoft’s mobile app store site for devices that can run Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone software usually lists contact information for the software publisher and support links on each app’s page. The company also hosts support pages for its own apps, like its Microsoft Office Mobile software.

Making a Still Photo From an Interactive

Q: I uploaded a panorama picture to Facebook and it turned it into one of those interactive photos you can move around. Is there a way to make it just be a really wide photo?

A: Facebook typically converts a panoramic photo with a field of view wider than 100 degrees into a “360 photo.” The 360 Photo feature, introduced last summer, creates interactive images that a viewer can drag a finger or the mouse over to move through and see the full picture from different angles.

If you do not want your panorama to be a 360 photo, you can disable the interactive controls from your computer’s web browser. To do so, go to the posted picture, click the small gray menu icon in the top-right corner and choose Edit Post. In the thumbnail version of the image, click on the small circular icon in the bottom-right corner. Next, click the Edit icon, (which looks like a paintbrush), then turn off the check box next to “Display this as a 360 photo” before you click the Save button.

Facebook 360 photos can be created with the panorama feature that comes with camera apps for smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S5 or later or many of Apple’s recent iOS devices. Google has several camera apps that can take panoramic photos, including the Google Street View app for Android and iOS. Third-party panorama programs and photo-stitching apps also let you create images that capture much more of the scene.

For those interested in creating high-quality panoramic and 360-degree photos, specialty cameras with multiple lenses and sharp image quality are another option — although they can often cost $175 to $325. The Wirecutter, a product-review site owned by The Times, recommends the Ricoh Theta S as its pick for the best 360-degree camera currently available.