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The Robber Squirrel

The Robber Squirrel

Upside down with claws that cling

He rides the feeder like a swing

In frantic search for seeds delicious

His acrobatics are ambitious!

While chickadees protest and shout

His head goes bobbing in and out

With furry cheeks so full and fat

He is a well-fed acrobat!

The moral here ... if one there is (?)

Bear with me please ... it could be this:

“When hunger pangs are strong and real

It takes some skill to grab a meal!”

The Robber Squirrel (reprise)

He’s back again ... just like before.

His tummy growing more and more.

He never really left, I guess ...

The birdseed’s getting less and less!

Secure and safe, up in his tree,

He seems almost to “challenge” me.

He flips his tail as if to say

“I thumb my nose at you this way!”

Nelle McClenahan lives in Bellingham.