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Essay: ‘The Scam’

We all hear about “scams” and we assume it will happen to the other person. That is what I believed, but I was wrong. Here is my experience. ...

I received a phone call from my adult grandson. The voice was exactly his. He told me of the car accident he experienced.

It seems the passenger in his car, when exiting the car, fell out and had a seizure. At that time my grandson hit the bumper of the car in front of his. The police arrived.

My grandson asked to borrow $2,000. He said he would be able to return it in several months. A courier was to arrive for the money. The courier, whom I didn’t realize at the time, was a FedEx man. I went to the bank and arranged to get the money before he arrived

He took the envelope with the money enclosed — but didn’t feel “right” about the entire situation. He took the money and my story to the police. I received a call from the police. My daughter and I went to the police station.

They handed me an envelope with my $2,000 in it. In discussing the situation with the police, they said I should have asked the caller some question only my true grandson could have answered.

Hopefully, you will never be involved in a scam.

Lenore Shankman lives in Bellingham