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Website: Lynden ‘boring,’ but criteria suggests ‘family-friendly’

Dull or family-friendly?

Lynden rated as boring: Lynden ranks eighth among the 10 “most boring places” in Washington, according to roadsnacks.net. Ratings were based on average age, population density, the percentage of people over 35 and the percentage of households that are married, have children or have people over 65. For roadsnacks, those are signs of a snoozefest. For other people, they might mark the way to Mayberry R.F.D.

Bellingham praised body and mind

Live a long time: People in Bellingham have the longest life expectancy in Washington state, according to 247wallst.com. The site says the average Washington resident can expect to live 79.6 years, a shade longer than the national average of 78.5 years. Bellingham residents can expect to live 80.9 years on average, one of the longest marks in the country.

The rating notes that just 13.8 percent of Bellinghamsters adults smoke, and only 25.1 percent are obese, both lower than the national rates.

Right place to write: Bellingham is one of 20 great American cities for writers that aren’t New York City, according to flavorwire.com. Reasons? Bellingham is close to Seattle and its coffee shops (no mention of local coffee dens), plenty of rain to keep writers at work inside, and the presence of Village Books.

Bellingham wins questionable notice

Hammered: Bellingham rated 15th among the 25 most hungover cities in America, according to businessinsider.com. Using business and research data, the site says 7.9 percent of people in Bellingham admitted to heavy drinking and 19.6 percent admitted to binge drinking. The city also rated high in the number of bars, alcohol stores, and alcoholic-beverage-producing establishments per capita.

Sleep-deprived: Bellingham is tops among cities in Washington that “stay up latest,” according to a survey by FindTheHome.com. The survey found cities with the highest percentage of people who start work between noon and midnight. For Bellingham, 19 percent started their workday late.

Ski Area uplifting

8 is great: Chair 8 at Mt. Baker Ski Area is one of the five top ski lifts in the Northwest, says snowbrains.com. With a vertical lift of nearly 1,600 feet and a top elevation of almost 5,100 feet, the chair provides access to what snowbrains calls “killer backcountry skiing.”