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Recent book titles of interest to Whatcom readers

Holly Barbo of Bellingham is the author of “Sunstone, a steampunk thriller.
Holly Barbo of Bellingham is the author of “Sunstone, a steampunk thriller. Courtesy to The Bellingham Herald


“Guided to the Higher Realms” by Paula Forget of Bellingham. The meditation teacher describes her mid-life period of self-discovery that led to higher dimensions of consciousness and the healing of her rheumatoid arthritis.

“Alzheimer’s, Dementia & the Healing Power of Music; Singalong Therapy” by Cheryl Hodge of Bellingham. Hodge describes her use of music and singing to improve the condition of people with dementia. The workbook comes with companion mp3s.

“Your Child in the Hospital; A Practical Guide for Parents” by Nancy Keene. A Bellingham nonprofit offers advice for parents of hospitalized children, plus dozens of practical and encouraging stories from parents.

“Postcards from the Road” by Richard Little. The retired Bellingham attorney and government lobbyist presents colorful stories told about a car trip across the U.S. and back, about people and events on roads less traveled.

“Love’s Last Measure: Lessons Found at Death’s Door” by Anne Cutter Mikkelson of Bellingham. The author recounts her life and the lessons learned with husband Mike, who had Parkinson’s disease.

“Tell the Truth: The Collected Columns of Billy Frank Jr.,” edited by Kari Neumeyer of Bellingham. As chairman of the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission, Frank wrote a column that appeared for many years in Northwest newspapers. Frank, who died in 2014, wrote about challenges tribes face as they exercise their treaty rights, manage fisheries, and fight the loss of salmon habitat.

“The Millionaire Beach Bum” by Tim Niemier of Bellingham. The founder of Ocean Kayak recounts his struggles with Attention Deficit Disorder and how he used the power of ADD to develop his successful paddleboard business.

“Bucolia Hijinks in the Hinterlands” by Mathew Thuney. The Whatcom County author describes life in a place “like your town or that quaint little hamlet out by the foothills an hour’s drive down the highway, where friends come to meet old friends and make new ones; a place you just wind up in, not quite realizing why you were headed that way or how you got there.”


“Noisy Water: Poetry from Whatcom County, Washington,” edited by Luther Allen and J.L. Kleinberg. The collection presents poems by more than 100 important voices in the local poetry community.

“Sunstone” by Holly Barbo of Bellingham. In the steampunk thriller, corruption meets revolution on a moon that developed a geothermal steam-powered industrial age.

“The Secret Astoria Scavenger Hunt,” (book 3 of the Morgan Carey series), by Whatcom County author Susan Colleen Browne. In the fantasy-adventure tale for middle-grade readers, three tweens who visit Astoria, Ore., soon realize that the secrets and legends of the historic riverfront town may be haunting them.