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Check out these new books of interest to readers in Whatcom County



“Feast for Thieves”

by Marcus Brotherton, $14.99 paperback. The Bellingham author of nonfiction books, especially World War II accounts, crafts his debut novel about an incorrigible paratrooper returning home to Texas from World War II. Remorseful about his role in a bank robbery, he is offered a deal by the sheriff — serve one year as a community minister, or go to jail.



by Royce Buckingham, $25.99 hardcover, $12.99 ebook. The Bellingham fantasy writer and prosecuting attorney pens an adult adventure thriller about a struggling attorney stranded in the Alaskan wilderness.


“Stone and Silt,”

by Harvey Chute, $11.99 paperback, $4.99 ebook. The Bellingham author of technical guides writes his first novel, about a 16-year-old girl who finds a hidden cache of gold. When police find a corpse nearby, her father becomes a suspect, so she must desperately search for clues to save him.

• “A Cup of Hemlock,” by Clyde Curley, $15.95 paper, $4.99 ebook. In Curley’s second novel in his Detective Matthew Toussaint mystery series, a beloved teacher is found dead, shot while working late in his classroom. Helped by a student teacher, Toussaint delves into school politics to learn the crime’s truth. Curley lives in Bellingham.

• “The Murder of Adam and Eve,” by William Dietrich, $13.99. In the survival thriller by the former Bellingham Herald reporter and WWU instructor, a 16-year-old risks visiting a forbidden island and abandoned fort for a high school scholarship project. The lad tumbles into a perilous adventure that finds him fighting for his life and questioning all that he believes.


“Who is Mackie Spence?”

by Lin Kaymer, $17.99. In her debut YA novel, the Bainbridge Island writer sets her story in the Puget Sound area. Jeremy is puzzled when Mackie, his childhood friend and biggest crush, returns from a near-drowning experience with mysterious powers. The novel was inspired by Kaymer’s kayak trip in the San Juans when a pod of orcas surfaced nearby.

• “Murder Beside the Salish Sea,” by Jennifer Mueller, $10. A bomber pilot is troubled by the many missions he flew during World War II, but his troubles mount when he returns to Bellingham. A former Peace Corps volunteer in Kenya, Mueller lives in Bellingham.



by Brian Rae, $15.95 paperback, $3.99 ebook. Rae, a retired Mount Baker High School principal who lives in Lynden, sets his first novel in Spokane in 1967. Gonzaga University graduate Bill Roberts plans to study for the priesthood, but has second thoughts while working a summer job at a nearby smelter and meeting an alluring woman.


“Nicholas Barnaby and the Magic Stick,”

by Sibyl Sanford, $11.95. The Bellingham artist and author has written a children’s book about a mouse who hopes to find happiness by making a wish with a magic stick. Instead, he discovers the magic lies inside him, not in the stick. For children 5 and older.


“The Ariadne Connection,”

by Sara Stamey, $17.95 paperback, $5.99 ebook. A deadly plague and a geomagnetic reversal threaten the world’s precarious balance. Can a mysterious healer save everyone and reset the world’s compass? Stamey teaches creative writing at WWU.




by Jim Milstead, $8. The Bellingham resident’s first book of poems skillfully covers a range of topics and styles, from quiet meditations on nature, to sharp social commentary, to clever works of humor.

• “Bellingham Poems,” by Tim Pilgrim, Paul Piper and Chuck Luckmann, $9.95. Three Whatcom County poets share poems that are set in and reflect upon familiar terrain, from Boulevard Park to Clayton Beach to the Cascade Mountains.