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Test your knowledge about religion in Whatcom County history

In this issue, John Stark profiles Faithlife of Bellingham. Formerly known as Logos Bible Software, Faithlife has quickly become one of the city’s largest private employers. With that as a springboard, see how familiar you are with religion in Whatcom County.

1. In April 1910, about 5,000 people turned out for evangelist Billy Sunday’s inaugural sermon in Bellingham. What work was Sunday famous for before he became a preacher?

A. Bicycle salesman.

B. Baseball player.

C. Bible salesman.

2. Assumption Catholic Church marked its centennial in 2013. Why, over time, did nuns disappear as teachers at Assumption?

A. Fewer women entered convents.

B. Nuns wanted greater say in their work at Assumption, but no agreement was reached.

C. Both of the above.

D. None of the above.

3. A statue of J.J. Donovan was recently unveiled in Fairhaven. A strong Catholic, what did he prevent from happening outside Assumption Catholic Church?

A. Ku Klux Klan participation in a community parade.

B. A sprint race for KKK bicyclists.

C. Protests supporting nuns on strike.

4. First Presbyterian Church in Bellingham dedicated its current building in 1912 after moving from its former location one block east. What notable part of the old church is part of the new church?

A. Washington’s first electric wheelchair lift.

B. Church bell.

C. Stained-glass window shot by person upset about the church’s anti-liquor stance.

5. In 2011, Jackson DuBois of Bellingham traveled to Europe to do what?

A. Paint a portrait of the future Pope Francis.

B. Excavate an island monastery off the coast of Ireland.

C. Help build a replica roof and cupola of an ancient synagogue for a museum where the Warsaw Ghetto once stood.

6. Why did Bellingham’s Jews cluster in the Lettered Streets neighborhood in the early 1900s?

A. Many hailed from fishing villages and wanted to live close to the bay.

B. Bellingham’s first synagogue, in Old Town, was an Orthodox congregation, so members lived nearby because Orthodox Jews didn’t drive or ride on the Sabbath.

C. Many of the Jews worked or owned business in Old Town and enjoyed living in close proximity.

7. In 2009, Garden Street United Methodist Church spent a goodly sum restoring what?

A. Stained-glass windows.

B. Marble statue of Mary and baby Jesus.

C. Carillon bells.

8. St. Paul’s Episcopal Church was dedicated in 1927. Congregation member F. Stanley Piper designed the church. What other local buildings did Piper design?

A. The Herald Building.

B. Bellingham National Bank Building.

C. Great Northern Railroad passenger station.

D. All of the above .

9. What upset some people about Free Church Unitarian in Blaine during World War II?

A. Church beacon could potentially be seen by Japanese pilots.

B. Pastor was German-born.

C. Sunday School kids sent toys to interned Japanese children.

10. Faithlife recently launched a software product for research in what secular field?

A. Religious figures in sports.

B. The humanities.

C. Gospel music.


(1) B. (2) C. (3) A. (4) B. (5) C. (6) B. (7) A. (8) D. (9) C. (10) B.

How did you do?

8 to 10 correct: You know your history.

5 to 7 correct: Pat yourself on the back.

0 to 5 correct: There’s still hope for you.