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Whatcom County Historical Society abuzz with new website, refurbished courthouse

Founded in 1964, Whatcom County Historical Society is for anyone interested in history, especially local history.

The society publishes a newsletter and an annual journal, holds seven free monthly meeting that are open to the public and that feature history presentations, and is readying the historic Territorial County Courthouse in Old Town as a public meeting and research space. The society also sells and publishes books about local history.

Annual dues start at $25 a year, but people don’t have to be members to be volunteers. People can volunteer to help in many ways: pick up and deliver books; drive members to meetings; help with computer and office work; help set up a research area and plan events and displays at the Territorial Courthouse; clips and date newspaper articles about local history; clean the courthouse; and host public programs.

An exterior wheelchair lift will make the bottom meeting floor and research area at the courthouse fully accessible to the public. The society acquired the courthouse, the oldest brick building in Washington, in 2004 and has guided a major restoration of the historic structure at 1308 E. St.

In addition, the society recently revised its website with more updated information, videos of society presentations, and links to other sources about Northwest history.

To join, go to whatcomhistory.net. For information about volunteering, contact Carole Teshima at whatcomhistory@gmail.com or 360-393-6782.