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Bellingham’s Kombucha Town makes fermented teas, some with an alcoholic kick

What is it? Kombucha is fermented tea made by adding live culture to a brewed, sweetened tea. Kombucha Town makes two blends of alcoholic traditional kombucha, and four blends of light, non-alcoholic kombucha.

Why drink it? Besides the various tastes of different flavored blends, Kombucha Town says its tea can aid with digestion, cleanse organs, boost your immune system, and provide a healthy alternative boost compared to coffee, beer, soda or energy drinks.

What else? Kombucha Town can be added to smoothies as well as blended with fruit juices, effervescent mixers, wine, and hard liquor. Teas used in the blends are fair-trade and organic, and tea leaves left spent after brewing are composted.

Where can I find it? Kombucha Town comes in cans and bottles and is sold in numerous outlets in Northwest Washington. Kombucha’s retail shop and tasting room is open 3 to 6 p.m. weekdays on the sixth floor of the Herald Building, 1155 N. State St., with production facilities in the basement.

Details? Call 360-224-2974 or see kombucha.town.com.